• @nitai true to that 😉

  • @AngeloStavrow until we get a green house we wrapped the bottom with aluminum paper. Cats stay away 😎

  • @brandedPixels wow. I feel old…

  • @torb code it already!

  • @mranthropology same here. Loving it so far

  • @ekcragg oh that book is totally awesome. So much so that I couldn’t read anything else for a week. I still remember each character and side story.

    Was curious about her other work. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry is worth a read as well. Not as good but well enough.

  • @BenSouthwood I’ve totally enjoyed it as well. Second season was great too. Going to start season three soon but first need to watch Foundation:)

  • @kwzn Agreed. I’ve been an early Twitter user and loved it. Then it became all the rage (loved it less) and since the Bozo aka Musk took over, I not using it much anymore.

    I’ve migrated from Medium to Micro.blog now and so far I like what I see.

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