Photo by Soheb Zaidi on Unsplash

We live in a follow-up hell

Marketing and Sales are a fact of life. As a matter of fact, being an entrepreneur should make you an expert salesperson.

However, what is happening right now is that we live in a follow-up hell. Not only are all the cold emails drafted in the same way or even have the same sentences (BORING!) what is worse are all the “Hey, have you seen my last email…”, “Are you there?” or “I get that you must be busy…” messages that follow the next few days.

Here is something for people who like to engage in those tactics:

  • It might surprise you, but I did not sit around and wait for your absolutely amazing offer. Hence, I do not have the time to respond tomorrow. I might not even want to respond in the coming weeks. And that implies that I’m interested.
  • If you send a follow-up email two days later and then send another four days later, concluding that I’m not interested, you shut the door on your prospect. It’s not me, it is you. That said, don’t pester me but be patient. If I get such emails, the sender lands on my block list. Not a Spam list, a block list, i.e., I won’t ever see any messages from you again.
  • Please, pretty please, DO NOT send me “I’m free tomorrow at 2 pm, let’s talk,” or send a meeting request from your calendar. Because again, I did not sit around and wait for your incredible irresistible product or service and, sure enough, do not have the time and need to sit through a boring presentation of how good you are. Plus, doing so shows you have no respect for people’s time.
  • I do read all the sales and marketing tactics too. I get that you need to get the attention of your prospects. However, that doesn’t mean using emojis in your subjects all the time or using three in a row. This is not Reddit, this is my inbox. Furthermore, it just diminishes the subject line. Better to come up with a good subject line (watch everybody sending emails with the subject “I got a question” now).

Thank you for reading.