The Form-Builder is here.

Just a quick note, but I’m very excited about the new Form-Builder that is now available to all Helpmonks users.

The premise is simple: with the release of the Helpmonks Marketing Platform, which includes a Live Chat, Email Campaigns, and automated Email Drip Campaigns, the need to easily add users to your distribution lists. While this is possible with the API, I understand that this is not optimal for all users.

Hence, the reason for the Form-Builder. With it, you can create a contact form or a subscriber form in seconds. You can embed the forms into your current site, or you can opt to show it in a popup.

As everything is integrated with Helpmonks, we’ve added actions upon submitting the form. You can send the form to your mailbox, add one or many labels to the contact, add the contact to a distribution list, and an email drip campaign. No coding or API required.

Oh, and we make this available to all of our customers. Independent of their plan.

As mentioned, I really like this new feature. Just another way, we try to help our customers.