Photo by Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash

Another reason for you to stop using the Google Chrome browser

It looks like Google decided to abuse everyone that’s using the Chrome browser to test their new Ad Targeting tech. To turn it off you would need to disable third-party cookies.

This move is just another of many by Google that disrespect the privacy of its user base. If it hasn’t been obvious from Google’s past actions, you should by now look for an alternative browser. At least for browsing the web, as for development, the browser provides a quite nice set.

If you are looking for a Google Chrome alternative, you might want to try out Brave, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox. While some of these browsers are based on the same engine (Chromium) as Chrome, they have taken steps to be not “as evil” as Google is.

That said, Microsoft Edge, while a good browser, becomes more and more bloated with each release (typical Microsoft) and I have some doubts about their privacy rules as well.

Unfortunately, Firefox, once my favorite browser, is now just slow and feels dated. Even the Firefox Developer Edition fails most of the time now. Worse, it doesn’t show the same error traces that any Chromium browser is able to show.

If you are on a Mac, Safari is definitely a great choice. However, some sites don’t function properly (hey dev’s why not?).

My current browser of choice is Brave. I don’t care so much about their crypto stuff (someone their wallet stuff doesn’t work in NY state) or their notification that I should visit one of their partner sites (you can turn it off). However, what I care for is a fast browser that gets out of my way. So far, Brave is doing the job for me.