Thanks for writing this. I’ve been contemplating to write something similar now for years.

I’ve been avoiding venues with many people all the time. If I get overloaded with too much noise, for example, in one of those lovely restaurants in the US, I go “nuts” (I stop talking and my mind churns and I start to shake). Loud sounds, like a loud car or motorbike, make me blink in irritation and I can’t hold a conversation.

I’ve been dealing with this, by staying by myself and go grocery shopping in the night and some other “tweaks”. Putting on headphones and listening to “fast” music (rather loud electronic or Marilyn Manson) helps me.

Medication helps too. But they have their own drawbacks. One, the constant visits and prescriptions and the rather high cost and haggling with the healthcare insurance.

Of course, ADHD has its upside. I’ve been running my own companies for years and people think I have a team of 15 people when it’s half of it, but me churning out work for 5 people. Not that this is healthy, but as you say, the mind just keeps on going and the only escape is watching a movie that throws out the noise in my head.