This is such a biased view…. Don’t worry I’m not a “Linux” fanboy (is there even such a thing?), but I switched to Linux/Ubuntu full time some time ago and while the UI in the past was “XP” like, it has improved much.

For example, Smartgit is awesome and has the same UI as windows or mac. MongoChef has the same as well. Applications like Simplenote look the same as well (no wonder as it is build with Electron). Slack is the same, also. You mention, Vim. Well, surprise, the shell is awesome in Linux :)

If you fancy Sublime Text, then Sublime Text looks the same as well.

Sooooooo…. not really sure why you make such a claim. Maybe it’s time to check out Linux again?

Gnome 3 with the Adapta theme looks better than any macOS :)